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Unlike what happens in traffic matters with third party liability insurance, when we have a problem in our home, or in our health, or when someone dies, it will be their own insurance that will be responsible for paying the compensation.

Although the law is increasingly improving consumer protection, the fact remains that most insurance contracts are often barely intelligible to the layman. In fact, when we sign one, it is still often the case that we are given only the particular conditions, when most of the conditions and nuances that will apply to us.

If once we have had the problem we phone the insurance company, or go to the office, they will inform us whether the insurance is covered and what is the maximum amount covered. But we must bear in mind that we are being informed by the party who must give us the money and obviously the benefit to the company is greater the lower the amount paid out in claims.

It is possible that they do not report that a particular event is not covered, or that they value it at X euros, which we know will not be enough to fix the situation. This is when it becomes essential to know what exactly we have signed, what the small print means, in which of the dozens of pages of general terms and conditions I should look for the solution to my question.

It is also essential to know the Insurance Contract Law and the particular regulation of each type of insurance in particular, the appropriate form and deadlines for making a claim, as well as the responses of the Courts to situations similar to ours.

A lawyer is therefore essential to ensure that our insurance will give us the solution that, for the premium we have paid and the contract we have signed, we are entitled to, without skimping on anything. Contact us for clear and concise information about what you can expect from your insurance and to formalise your claim in the best possible way to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

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