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Lawyer specialising in the management of EU citizens' residency.

EU citizens have freedom of movement and residence throughout the European Union. However, it is not as simple as simply arriving in Spain and asking for it, because if we intend to settle here on a more or less permanent basis, there are a number of administrative formalities that have to be fulfilled.

Any EU citizen can stay 3 months in our country for leisure and tourism, but a residence permit will have to be obtained, for whatever reason, if you wish to stay longer.

Among other things, it will be necessary to obtain a NIE, register at the town hall, apply for a residence permit (for studies, work, family reunification or sufficient means of subsistence) at the immigration authority. It will also be necessary to take out health insurance, or to sign a special agreement with the health service of the Autonomous Community.

Once the permanent residence permit has been obtained, it should be borne in mind that whenever you spend most of the year in Spain, it will be here that you will have to file your income and wealth tax return, not in your country of origin, so good initial planning before taking the step is important.

At Montosa Solicitor we take care of facilitating this always complicated process of settling in a new country, so that the client only has to worry about enjoying their stay, while we take care of all the necessary formalities.

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