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There are many different forms of business partnerships for the management of a wide variety of businesses. From cooperatives to public limited companies and many others. The preference or need to set up one or the other for our company or professional activity will be determined, as always, by the needs and aspirations of the specific person or persons.

However, the most widely used form, due to the freedom and ease of incorporation, is the limited company. Properly managed, a company is a shield or insurance for the entrepreneur, as his or her personal assets are safeguarded against possible business risks and losses.

We must insist that this is only possible with the proper creation and subsequent legal, tax, labour and accounting management. Otherwise, it will only serve to tighten our obligations and will not function as the intended shield. It is more complex to manage an activity through an SL than as a mere self-employed professional, but it is also true that the latter is exposed to more risks and will find it more difficult, in principle, to grow.

At Montosa Abogado we guide and advise you from the very first step, creating a company tailored to your needs. Likewise, we manage it from day one in all aspects, so that you only have to worry about enjoying the day-to-day running of your project, your business.

We offer a comprehensive service, taking care of the legal and bureaucratic burden of your company, working side by side with it as an integral part of it. We also take care of the book-keeping, accounting, secretarial services, drafting and reviewing contracts, managing collaboration agreements and work contracts, filing taxes, assistance in administrative and judicial procedures...

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