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No matter how well we manage our business, it is normal that we will occasionally receive a formal complaint from a customer. It is a right that we all have as consumers, the right to complain, about which more and more information is becoming available and which anyone can exercise, even if we do not expect it and even if we have acted correctly.

There are a series of obligations, such as having a complaints book according to the official approved model, informing of its existence in visible places in our premises, guaranteeing that the documentation we provide is the one legally required, that it does not contain abusive clauses or prohibited general conditions...

Therefore, the most important thing is prevention, so that we avoid complaints as much as possible. And that we can ensure that if there is a problem or conflict with any customer, which cannot always be avoided, the consequences are kept to a minimum.

In the event that a formal complaint is finally made, it is equally important to know how to handle it properly, knowing the legal procedure and the bodies in charge of handling it, in order to deal with it in the most coherent way possible and minimising the problem.

The matter can be settled amicably and out-of-court with the client, administratively with the consumer authorities, or even in court, depending on the needs of the case, which only a trusted advisor can know.

At Montosa Abogado we offer the service of managing client complaints, both included in the general consultancy service and separately, if required.

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