Boundary demarcations, groupings, segregations, horizontal divisions

Lawyer for Real Estate Services in Axarquia

Lawyer specialising in boundaries, groupings, segregations, horizontal divisions, declarations of new construction.

We have the knowledge, experience and professional collaborators necessary to carry out all types of inscriptions and modifications regarding land and buildings, both in the Land Registry and in the Real Estate Cadastre. There are many situations that may require it on a daily basis, from the inheritance of the same property by two brothers, to the construction of a block of flats on a plot of land.

These are issues which, in order to be carried out safely and securely, usually require the intervention of various professionals. Of course, a lawyer with knowledge of the civil, administrative and tax legislation that affects this type of act and the appropriate legal way to carry it out. But also land surveyors or agronomists in case of segregation or grouping of rural properties; architects or building engineers, for the declaration of new constructions and their eventual horizontal division.

We are not therefore talking about mere formalities, but about really complex matters that require the intervention of experts in various fields, both legal and technical, since otherwise we run the risk of investing our time and money without obtaining results.

Our role is to study your specific case in order to offer you simple and personalised answers about the possibility or not of carrying it out, the steps to follow, the necessary budget, the estimated time required and the possible inconveniences that we may encounter along the way. We can also manage all these procedures so that they are actually carried out as planned.

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