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Unfortunately, every professional knows that, at any given moment, there may be a client who, for whatever reason, does not pay the invoice for services rendered or products purchased.

How to deal with such situations is crucial, both to be able to collect the invoiced amount as soon as possible, and to minimise the loss in the event that full or partial collection is not possible.

Whenever such a case arises, it is necessary first of all to know the debtor and his payment possibilities, which will require a legal investigation. Secondly, it will be necessary to claim the debt out of court and amicably, but firmly and validly in the event of having to go to court.

When there is no alternative, it will be necessary to file a lawsuit, including a complaint if necessary, and to follow a judicial procedure, with its possible appeals and incidents, to finally enforce the sentence obtained.

The specific case will determine the form and route, both judicial and extrajudicial, to be followed, given that each case has its peculiarities, which must be known and studied in order to give a specific form to the claim and maximise the possibilities of success. Hence the importance of having a good lawyer who knows both our situation and the applicable law, advising us and managing the claim accordingly.

At Montosa Abogado we offer the service of management and claiming of debts and arrears, both included in the general consultancy service and separately, if required.

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