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The day-to-day work of a professional or a company requires a series of knowledge and agile and effective responses to a series of issues that as professionals we do not necessarily have to know how to handle.

For example, if we have a garage, we probably have to know about mechanics, about repairing vehicles and dealing with customers who need this type of service. But we don't necessarily need to know how to draw up a pay slip, which employment contract is best suited to our needs, how to deregister a vehicle with the DGT, or what to do when faced with a letter from the Town Hall or the Tax Office asking for documentation.

Each professional has a field of specialisation and it is normal to leave these types of legal matters to a person who knows the subject matter, in this case a lawyer. No one can advise us more effectively and with more confidence, from the start-up of our business to day-to-day issues.

We offer a comprehensive legal, tax and labour consultancy service for the self-employed and small companies, for a fixed monthly price, agreed according to the real needs of each client. So that you neither lack nor have too much.

Our commitment is the personal treatment of each client, with full availability on the part of the advising lawyer, giving a full response to the queries and needs raised within a maximum period of 48 hours.

Our added value compared to our competitors' proposals lies precisely in legal advice, given that for very similar prices to those offered by tax and labour consultancies, we offer a rapid response to any legal or juridical query, including in the price the service of claim and management of non-payments.

To stay one step ahead of your competition and have extra security, trust Montosa Solicitor as your business advisor.

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