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We have extensive experience in the current rental regulations, as set out in the Law on Urban Leases, the Civil Code and Andalusian regulations relating to leases for different tourist uses. This allows us to tailor contracts to each situation, like a tailor-made suit for each client.

Do you know that if you are renting a property, the Renting Law will always prevail over the signed contract in case of contradiction? Or that the tenant of a property can withdraw from the lease after 6 months without penalty? And if you rent premises where a business or commercial activity is carried on for more than 5 years, can the tenant be entitled to compensation in the event of termination of the contract? Are you aware that, unless otherwise agreed, the tenant always has preference over other interested parties, and can even reverse an already completed sale and purchase?

These and a host of other similar issues must be taken into account in the drafting of the lease. A mere contract downloaded from the internet, or one that an acquaintance has kindly provided us with, can pose a serious risk, simply because it has not been drawn up for us, taking into account our specific case, our situation and our interests in the transaction.

In addition to the initial contract, which is fundamental as we have said, during the course of the rental period various issues will arise that must be attended to, from the payment of the corresponding taxes, to possible discrepancies in the payment of rents and other amounts, or the carrying out of reforms and repairs.

These are issues that are generally beyond the knowledge of estate agents, which is not their role either. They will be able to advise us perfectly on prices, areas and qualities. But in any case it is always advisable, for our security and peace of mind, to seek the intervention of a lawyer who is familiar with both the regulations and the specific case.

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