Conflict management with employees

Lawyer for Workers' Disputes Management in Axarquia

Lawyer Specialising in Managing Disputes with Employees

Human relationships are always a source of joy but also of conflict. It is no different in professional relationships, nor is it different in employer/employee relationships. It is essential to choose the right person for the job, to have a well-oiled personal relationship, as well as a good employment contract, drawn up for each specific case, that protects the employer and respects the rights of the worker.

As none of the above is a guarantee of the absence of conflict, although it contributes greatly to minimising conflict, we will sometimes have to deal with it and do so in the best possible way from the outset. Considering the reasons and possible actions to be taken, with their respective costs and consequences.

Mediation and negotiation are usually the best options and what we recommend in any case, but be prepared for any eventuality, from the first meetings with the employee's lawyer, to the trial and all its ramifications, should the case arise.

In our firm we manage this type of situation from a legal point of view, always from a pragmatic point of view and looking after the clients of the professional or the company.

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